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Protect Your Car with Ceramic Coating in the Boston Area and New Hampshire

Ceramic surface coating protects against scratches, UV rays, corrosion, heat, and more – not to mention the extreme gloss it provides! The Interior package covers every surface inside your car, and the Exterior package covers all painted surfaces, as well as glass, wheels, and exterior plastics & trims.

What is Ceramic Automotive Coating?

Ceramic PRO series is a unique surface protection coating for cars, marine and air transport. Their products are constantly being improved achieving the highest results that were confirmed by SGS.

With all of the options out there for paint sealants and topical coatings, it's difficult to know which products are right for you and your automotive needs. Although Ceramic PRO is somewhat new, it has emerged to become an industry leader in protective coating products.

boston area ceramic coating for cars

New Hampshire and Boston Area's Car Coating Specialists

Since the weather and driving conditions are unpredictable in the New England area, Automotive Elegance is proud to offer this service to our clientele. AE's Ceramic PRO package options are priced based on the amount of protection you need, without exceeding your budget.

"Should I protect my car's surfaces with ceramic coating?"

If you are looking for greater protection beyond wax, ceramic coatings are for you. But protection is only one quality of Ceramic PRO. The shine is unreal and truly must be experienced to be believed.

Then there's the hydrophobic quality. It means your vehicle will look newly washed with virtually no spots even after it rains, an effect that will last many years with proper maintenance.

boston area ceramic coating for cars